THIRD COHORT (2005-2007)

Student’s Names Thesis Director Thesis Title Download (Full-text in Spanish)
López Armendáriz Francisco Javier Desireé Elena Castillo Zaragoza English as a second language teaching methods in the University of Sonora
Acuña Meléndrez Karla Fabiola Juan José Irigoyen Analysis of reading comprehension in the process of learning Psychological Science
Espinoza Gallego Noelia Beatríz Daniel González Lomelí Social variables, motivation for learning and academic performance in high school students
Martínez Herrera María Olivia Guadalupe González Lizárraga Persistence, delay and attrition in the University of Sonora:  Graduating Class of 2003 Case study
Marinez Valenzuela Verónica Isabel Daniel González Lomelí Innovative teaching materials development and evaluation and cognitive strategies for ethical education in high school
Mendoza Grijalva Guadalupe Raúl Rodríguez Jiménez Academic profession and old age at the University of Sonora
Mungarro Robles Gloria del Carmen Federico Zayas Pérez Motives and choice of career
Orduña Cabrera Virginia Víctor Corral Verdugo Situational factors: physical, regulatory and educational which influence in pro-environmental behavior in sixth graders
Parra Ramos María Elena Laura Urquidi Treviño Factors associated with success at school in university students
Rodríguez López José Manuel Etty H. Estévez Nénninger The game in the story and the story in the game: an innovative teaching  proposal for reading and writing in first grade, from participatory action research
Solís Sánchez Ada Alicia Federico Zayas Pérez Parents’ involvement in Secondary Education
Valenzuela García Beztríz María Víctor Corral Verdugo Dispositional variables which promote pro-environmental behavior in sixth graders